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Born and raised in Hong Kong, Kelvin is an award winning composer, music editor and a cellist.

Over the years, Kelvin has collaborated with talents including film director, journalist, photographer, singer-songwriter, game developer, choreographer, animator and much more. His expertise lies in scoring for visual media. He draws inspiration from stories and visuals, translates abstract ideas into musical sound and creates emotional link between subjects and the audience. 


Kelvin has immersed himself into various scoring work for film, documentary and game projects. One of his documentary projects, “Eagles Rest in LiangShan”, has won the 48th Oscar Student Academy Award (Domestic Documentary) - Silver Award, 41st Emmy College Television Award, 27th DGA Student Film Award and was selected by multiple film festivals across the US. Also, Kelvin is fortunate to work with Cannes Palme d’Or winning director, Tang Yi, on her short film “Yokelan 66” by Vogue China. This film has won and been selected in multiple Oscar-qualifying film festivals including AFI Fest, Seattle International Film Festival, San Diego International Film Festival, Urbanworld Film Festival, etc. Apart from music composing, Kelvin has also worked as orchestrator for US feature documentary “Exposing Muybridge” (Music by Chad Cannon) and carried out additional orchestration and arrangement work under Chad for the 2021 Joe Hisaishi x W.D.O concert series conducted and performed by the legendary Studio Ghibli composer - Joe Hisaishi.


In Sep 2021, Kelvin extended his expertise in the aspect of video games and interactive music, in which he started working as a Music Editor/Music Designer at Sony Interactive Entertainment Playstation Studios. He contributed music design, music editing and music implementation work for the action-adventure AAA video game "God of War: Ragnarök" developed by the Santa Monica Studio. In 2023, alongside multiple international acclaimed awards in game music, Kelvin's work was recognized by the Motion Picture Sound Editor (M.P.S.E.) and he received the Outstanding Achievement in Music Editing – Game Music at the 70th Golden Reel Award. His other music design and editing works include critically acclaimed "Marvel's Spider-man 2" by Insomniac. and virtual reality first person shooter PSVR2 title "Firewall Ultra" by First Contact Entertainment. 

Kelvin began his classical music training in cello and piano at the age of 9. He has been active in the classical music scene since a young age and has gained countless local and global performing experience as a cellist. Kelvin holds a Bachelor in Civil Engineering at HKUST and a Master Degree in Music Composition and Music Theory (Screen Scoring) at New York University Steinhardt. During his study in New York, Kelvin has the privilege to study privately with former Walt Disney Co. music supervisor, Paul Chihara and Grammy award winner Michael Patterson. Kelvin has won the 19/20 NYU Film Scoring Competition with his original score for animation “LARP”.

生於香港, 長於香港


袁敏聰有幸能與世界各地音樂人,電影導演,遊戲製作人,排舞師,動畫師等交流合作並製作配樂。於2021年,袁編寫的配樂作品「鷹栖涼山」獲得了學界奧斯卡金像獎最佳紀錄片項目銀獎,學界艾美獎最佳紀錄片, 美國導演工會最佳學界紀錄片,並入選多個其他知名電影節角逐提名。此外,袁有幸能夠與康城金棕櫚獎得主唐藝合作,為她的電影短片Vogue film「玉蘭 66」譜寫配樂。此電影更一舉獲得了多個奧斯卡認可國際電影節的獎項與提名,包括AFI FestUrbanworld Film Festival, Seattle International Film Festival等。除了配樂作曲工作,袁於美國紀錄長片「Exposing Muybridge」中擔當管弦樂編曲一職,由年輕得獎作曲家Chad Cannon編寫。Chad更帶領了袁參與由著名吉卜力工作室作曲家石讓指揮與演出,「2021 久石讓 x W.D.O」全球公演的管弦樂編曲工作。


自2021年末,袁利用自身的對影視配樂的理解和經驗拓展了遊戲配樂的事業,並擔任Sony Interactive Entertainment Playstation Studios音樂剪輯/設計師一職,為Playstation旗下遊戲工作室開發中的AAA遊戲項目提供音樂上的支援。近期參與的項目包括 「戰神5: 諸神黃昏」,「Marvel's 蜘蛛俠2」,「Firewall Ultra」等主機遊戲,主要負責遊戲中的電影場景和互動音樂設計,使作曲家的音樂作品能夠以立體和互動方式呈現予玩家。於2023年,袁藉由「戰神」項目獲得了由美國電影音效剪輯師協會 (Motion Picture Sound Editor) 頒發,該年度最佳遊戲音樂剪輯金膠捲獎(Golden Reel Award)。

袁自九歲起於香港⾳樂事務處接受音樂教育, 2010年考獲大提琴演奏級文憑,師承大提琴家徐樂明。作為大提琴⼿的他有豐富本地及國際演出經驗,曾參與的樂團包括香港節慶管弦樂團,香港青年管弦樂團等。於香港科技大學取得土木工程系學士學位後,2019年踏遠赴美國紐約大學修讀音樂與作曲碩士,主修配樂,師從前美國迪士尼音樂總監及作曲家 Paul Chihara及格萊美獎得主Michael Patterson。在學期間,他憑藉動畫配樂作品《LARP》贏取紐約大學配樂比賽




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